Classroom Observation and Peer Support

An exciting collegial teacher development program that helps teachers explore new ways to continually deepen their understanding of what is happening in their classrooms, and support them to use these insights to improve student learning.

The heart of the project is about pairing up with a colleague to observe each other teach, give each other feedback and help each other think about your teaching. It brings together groups of teachers (8 – 16), putting the teachers together in pairs to work together in a process of peer feedback and support. The pairs learn to observe, describe and question their teaching practice and to validate those aspects that are effective and productive in the classroom.

By helping the pairs engage in a structured process of observation, reflection, sharing, the program provides opportunities for working with colleagues that are so often lacking in the private and autonomous experience of teachers in their classrooms.

By working together over an extended period, the teachers accumulate knowledge of each other’s work and each other’s way of seeing things. The group is encouraged to build its capacity to function as a learning community, giving teachers confidence to apply their new ideas and skills to their work in the wider school.

It involves some workshop time, and some paired interviews with the workshop leader. In-between each workshop and interview you will be asked to conduct one observation in your partner’s classroom and vice versa.

The program can be taken up by a school or it can be done in modules by groups of teachers from a range of schools. Unique programs can be developed to suit particular contexts.

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