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The purpose of this site is to provide some ideas, findings from research, resources and links to people interested in numeracy particularly as it relates to the use of mathematics outside of the school mathematics classroom - in learning and practical settings in general.

These ideas, findings, processes and products are a result of a number of projects involving research, action leaning with teachers and curriculum development projects. A short summary of these projects is located within this website.

The current lists of ideas includes :

  • What is Numeracy? A short overview of our perspective on numeracy.
  • Mathematics and Numeracy. What is the difference? A table outlining our perspective on where numeracy and mathematics occurs in a school (or any learning) environment.
  • A Numeracy Framework. A framework for describing numeracy, for diagnosing student numeracy issues, helping a teacher plan for numeracy, and using with students.
  • A Numeracy Moment. Mostly teachers are faced with dealing with numeracy in the classroom 'in the moment'. This is a set of steps to help a teacher work through how and when they should deal with such a moment.
  • Numeracy Examples. A set of examples of numeracy moments from across the curriculum that outline the numeracy demands, what some students did and teacher responses to these situations.
  • The Numeracy Research Circle. Numeracy across the curriculum is an issue that has not been a core issue for teachers in today's schools. Learning about numeracy, recognizing numeracy moments, and developing the necessary ;habits of mind' that teachers need to adequately develop student numeracy takes time and we believe requires an action learning approach.
  • The Numeracy Audit.  The audit processes outlines a way teachers in a school, might review its approach and student performance related to student numeracy development across the school curriculum.
  • The School Numeracy Plan. We believe that a school should know what it is doing about developing their numeracy and have development plans in place to improve student numeracy. A planning framework is outlined and a process for reviewing and developing a school plan is described.
  • Numeracy Projects. A short summary of current and past numeracy projects.
  • Articles. A list of articles related to numeracy and numeracy across the curriculum.
  • Numeracy Links.


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